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A puppy is a time commitment and also a financial one. We find the first year to be the most expensive and so we wanted to give you an ESTIMATE of what a puppy may cost in the first year so you can better budget.

For our example, we will use our Labradoodle price of $1800 and assume delivery by flight nanny.

After year one, the basic costs of a dog are usually around $600-900 per year.

Cost of Puppy                                       $1800

Delivery of Puppy                                  $400-$600

Beginning Supplies for Puppy              $100-$200

Veterinary Care for  Puppy                  $300-$500

Feeding Puppy                                     $400-$600

Training Puppy                                     $200-$300

Toys for Puppy                                     $100-$200


Total ESTIMATED for first year          $3300-$4200

Please remember that this is only an estimate. Your costs may be more or less.

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