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What we feed our dogs

Nutrition is very important for all of us and what we decide to feed our dogs can be confusing to say the least. We have found that a nutritionally dense super digestible kibble with the occasional addition of fruits and vegetables keeps our dogs in great shape. We highly recommend pawTree.  

pawTree is a holistic pet food & supplements for dogs (& cats) company. It's made in the USA and was developed by veterinarians. Since changing to pawTree we have seen a decrease in the amount of kibble we need to feed (#moneysavings) and a great body condition (#bikiniseason) in our dogs. pawTree not only makes a great kibble but they also offer food seasonings and dietary supplements to handle a range of issues.

pawTree food is made in the United States and is made with real meat or fish as the first ingredient. It has no artificial colors, preservatives, poultry by-products, corn, wheat, or soy. Don't be fooled by cheaper dogs foods: Because pawTree is a quality food, dogs don't eat as much and have less waste to clean up. A good quality food like pawTree ends up being more economical than cheaper foods because you feed less and give your dog better health, which translates to fewer vet bills. 

pawTree food is a premium food with a premium price. But, we feel it's worth the price to feed the best to our dogs and puppies. We also find value in the food. Because it's such a high-quality food, with such high digestibility, we end up feeding about 30%-40%  less than we do with other foods. We are amazed at how much better our puppies do on pawTree food. On the other end of things, there's less poop and much less smell to the poop there is. Plus, we feel that high-quality dog food pays off in the long run in terms of fewer health problems later in life. 

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