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Health Testing

DNA TESTING: We believe health testing of breeding animals is imperative.

In 2020 we are able to swab a cheek and in a matter of weeks, we know if our dogs carry

any of the genes responsible for increased risk of nearly 200 diseases.  We currently use Optimal Selection, Paw Prints Genetics

and Embark for our testing.  Health testing results available upon request.


HEART & EYE TESTING: We have had our veterinarian fully exam each of our dogs.

We will be adding eye and heart certifications later this year.


HIP & JOINT TESTING: For many years, breeders have relied on x-rays for determining joint health and making breeding decisions.  While we do perform hip scans (penn hip) and we take those results into account when making pairing decisions,  we do not believe these scans to be the end all measure of joint health. We have been studying the hip dysplasia issue and feel that the puppy's environment makes so much of a difference in the risk of developing HD and other joint issues that we're not completely confident that a preliminary or even a certification is enough to guarantee a decreased risk of joint problems. We recommend age appropriate exercise and body condition for the best risk management of joint health.

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