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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does your waiting list work?

A: Our waiting list is just that, a list of people interested in possibly getting a pup from us. There is no fee to be on our waiting list. Our Master Reservation List is for families that have decided that we are the right breeder for them. Master Reservations are $200. You will remain in or move up the Master List as families ahead of you take home puppies. We do not remove you from the Master List until you take home a puppy. This means if you choose a litter but something happens with the timing or you decide to wait for a different litter you have not lost your spot. We do puppy picks on "Gotcha Day" in order of deposit and with guidance from us in regards to lifestyle of puppy family. We reserve pick #1 & #2 from every litter as breeder pick. If we decide not to keep a pup from a litter we move everyone on the reservation list up.   

Q: What is back to back breeding and why do you do it?

A: Back to back breeding means we don't skip a cycle and breed each heat. The current science is clear that back to back breeding (with considerations of course in regards to dams health) is healthier for our girls. Dogs are not like humans when it comes to reproductive health. We choose to breed back to back, earlier with fewer litters and then spay for the health of our girls.  Our friends at have a fantastic, easy to understand post about it here.


Q: Can I visit my puppy?


A: We sometimes have a "Meet the Puppies" day for depositors when the puppies are around 5-6 weeks old. This is a great time to meet other puppy families and see all of the puppies playing together. We ask that you come prepared to wear shoe covers and use hand sanitizer (we will provide) and that you do not visit any veterinary offices, dog parks, pet stores, shelters or anywhere else there may have been ill or unvaccinated dogs in the 72 hours before you visit. Young puppies do not have fully formed immune systems so we must protect them by taking care not to bring contaminants and germs into their space.

We have currently limited visits during the quarantine. 

Q: Will you send me daily updates?

A: We send weekly emails we call "Sunday Check In". We share what the puppies did that week and what they will be doing the following week as well as resources and puppy care information. We do our best to post regular updates to our social media pages. We also provide our families with a password for our private "My Puppy Page". We understand how exciting this time is and we do our best to let you share in watching them grow. But we do ask that you have patience with us as we are busy putting as much knowledge and love into your puppy as possible. Not to mention, wiggly little puppies are not the easiest to photograph. That being said we goal to share at least 300 photos throughout the 8 weeks. And we also share videos pretty often. 

Q: What items will I need to get ready for our puppy

A: Please see our Resources page. Here we list everything we recommend for you have on hand when you bring your puppy home.

Q: What do I do if I have questions after I get my puppy home?

A: We offer lifetime breeder support and will do all that we can to help you have success with your new puppy.  We are always available by phone or email and we encourage you to take advantage of the information we have listed under the Resources tab. And while we will do as much as we can to help you  and your puppy succeed, please be prepared to seek professional training and/or veterinary care in some circumstances.

Q: What is Temperament Evaluation?

A: We use a Temperament Evaluation Protocol developed by a highly successful Service Dog breeder. This evaluation lets us evaluate for specific traits at around 7 weeks old. Temperament Evaluation is not an end all be all and we are not able to guarantee the traits we see in the evaluation will be the exact traits the puppy will have as an adult but...the evaluations help give our families a peek inside the minds and nature of the puppies and helps them think about their choices wisely which in turn helps them be better able to train, to nurture and to honor their puppy. 

Q: How & when do I pick my puppy?

A: We do puppy picks the same day you take your puppy home. Throughout the puppies first 8 weeks we will post photos and videos for you to see.  Around 7 weeks of age (day 51 ish) we will evaluate their temperaments. These evaluations will be videoe'd and sent to you along with the "scores" and what those scores may mean for life with each puppy. You will make your final choice on "Gotcha Day" when you come and meet all of the available puppies and you will take your puppy home that day. Our mission is to breed healthy, happy, resilient puppies that stay in their first homes and this process helps us to make that happen.It's perfectly fine to have favorites. I've often fallen hard for dogs I've only seen pictures of. Lol. But we want everyone to have as much information as possible about each puppy before making a final decision. So follow along and keep an eye on your favorites as they grow into themselves. 

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