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All About Dog Beds!

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Kuranda Beds

Kuranda Dog Bed

We have been using Kuranda Beds for years. They are super well made and our dogs love them. They are super easy to clean and light enough to easily move. They are amazingly durable and truly worth every penny. They literally last forever. They're especially great in the summer to help keep dogs cool.

We recommend the 40x25 or the 44x27 sizes. 

Click the button to shop for a Kuranda Bed for you puppy

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Wash 'n Zip Pet Bed

Wash n zip pet bed

We just discovered Wash 'n Zip Pet Beds earlier this year and we can't believe we lived without them! Such a simple, easy dog bed! You can use it as a normal bed on the on the floor, unzip it to  cover the couch or do what we do and top the Kuranda Bed with it. They're super easy to wash, just unzip the bed

and it washes like a blanket. When it's dry just zip it back up.

We recommend the Medium or the Large.

We also recommend you grab a Puppy Proofer, sleeve that protects the zippers from little puppy teeth. 

Click the button below to shop for a Wash 'n Zip for your puppy

and be sure to use promo code SODEL for 15% off.  

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