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Choosing your new best friend

Once a litter is born we send a weekly update to let you know what’s happened 

with the puppies that week and what’s going to happen in the upcoming week and we share some resources about puppy care and puppy raising. We send a password for our private puppy page where we chronicle the puppies growth in pictures. As the puppies grow we add videos as well. 

When the puppies are around 51-53 days old we evaluate their temperaments with a 12 step evaluation. We video each of the evaluations and send each puppy family all of the videos as well as the results and what those results could mean to daily life with each puppy. Our goal is that each puppy family has so much information about each puppy that they come to Gotcha Day with a good idea of which puppy they feel would be a great match for their family without basing it on cuteness alone. 

On Gotcha Day we schedule families in order of reservation # and each family gets to come to our home

and choose their puppy and take the puppy home that day. 


A note about the "last puppy"….I’m not sure what kind of magic the universe works but we are continually amazed

that the “last puppy” goes to the perfect family for them 100% of the time.

It reminds us of the old wisdom that says choosing the parents of your puppy is as or more

important than which puppy you choose from the litter.

We strive to make the best choices for our pairings so we produce and raise litters full of amazing pups.  

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