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F2B Labradoodles $2200

Our F2B Labradoodles are awesome! SoDels LunaSea and SoDels Dock of the Bay have welcomed 13 beautiful labradoodles puppies! We love this cross and are breeding to create well structured pups with even temperaments and bidd-ability while enjoying a low shed coat. Our foundation dogs are fantastic in structure, health and temperament and they pass the best on to their offspring.


F1B Goldendoodles $2200

We're super excited to welcome F1B Goldendoodles to our program.

Echo has 9 beautiful puppies!

"Echo" (SoDels Echo Across the Bay) is a large, sweet playful F1 Goldendoodle from an English Cream Retriever Dam and a Standard Poodle Sire.

Echo has a high drive to retrieve, loves other dogs and people and loves to explore as well as cuddle up.

We bred her with our Standard Poodle "Copper" (SoDels Copper Bullet) 

Copper's calm & human focused demeanor with Echo's drive and sweetness should make for fabulous puppies capable of being your best hunting dog, being a great therapy dog or being your best adventure buddy. We expect great structure, health and temperament from these puppies.


Multigenerational Goldendoodles $2200

We're excited to welcome 7 gorgeous multigenerational Goldendoodles!

"Alabama Bean" and "Cooper" Clifton have bred and have beuatiful red puppies. "Bama" (SoDels Alabama Bean) is a medium sized, sweet, smart little firecracker who loves adventure. Her friend Cooper is a beautiful medium F1B Goldendoodle who is also an adventure loving pup and we expect these puppies to be happy, sweet and gorgeous. 

We are happy to offer a discount to active and retired military and first responders.