Labradoodle Ball.jpg

F2B Labradoodles $2500

Our F2B Labradoodles are awesome! We love this cross and are breeding to create well structured pups with even temperaments and bidd-ability while enjoying a low shed coat. Our foundation dogs are fantastic in structure, health and temperament and they pass the best on to their offspring.


Standard Poodles $2000

Our Standard Poodles are a fantastic example of the breed with the bonus of fun colors. We love the Standard Poodles intelligence and even temperament and we breed to further both. Our Standard Poodles have great athletic ability that makes them suitable for all sorts of dog sports and retrieving. They also have super powered noses and excel at scent work.


Multigenerational Goldendoodles $2500

We'll be breeding our multigenerational Goldendoodle "Alabama Bean" with another multigen goldendoodle mid year. Both "Bama" and her friend are happy, loving, smart dogs and we expect a great litter from these two. 

We are happy to offer a discount to active and retired military and first responders.